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Meet Amanda

My Vision

My fitness career began with GoodLife Fitness. I had

the incredible opportunity to inspire and guide

individuals on their fitness journeys within a dynamic

and supportive environment. From leading high-energy

group classes to providing one-on-one training

sessions, I thrived on helping clients push their limits,

achieve their goals, and witness their personal

transformations. My time at GoodLife Fitness allowed

me to cultivate a strong passion for empowering others

and fostering a sense of community through the power

of fitness.

Clients’ successes are my motivation and drives me to

continuously improve as a trainer. I genuinely care

about client's success and am honoured to be part of

the journey. Together as a team, we discover and

unlock their full potential by creating a healthier,

happier, stronger, best version of themselves.

Amanda Shulba squatting

Canfitpro Certified Trainer

Hello! I am Amanda Shulba, a dedicated and passionate personal trainer. My journey in the fitness industry began several years ago when I discovered my love for helping individuals achieve their health and wellness goals.

Fitness has always been a significant part of my life.

Growing up on a farm, I developed a strong work ethic and a deep appreciation for physical labor, which laid the foundation for my journey as a personal trainer. From a young age, I participated in soccer and outdoor activities, fuelling my fascination with the human body and its potential for strength and transformation. This passion led me to pursue a career as a personal trainer, where I could make a positive impact on people's lives.

canfitpro certified

Personal Trainer

Fitness Instructor

Fascial Movement Specialist

canfitpro PRO TRAINER - FIS, CPR

GGS Level 1 Coach

PN Nutrition Coach

Certified Metabolic Conditioning

Certified Exercise & Stress Management

DO Fit Certified Professional

GolfFoever Logo


As a GolfForever Swing Enhancer Ambassador, I'm happy to share the amazing benefits of this product with you.

GolfForever Swing Enhancer



GolfForever presents a digital fitness and well-being solution designed by medical professionals and trainers associated with the PGA Tour. This system aims to provide golf enthusiasts with elite-level workout and recovery programs, mirroring those utilized by the world's top players.


This platform is a secure and efficient means to enhance the fluidity and speed of your swing, boost on-course energy levels, and elevate your overall golf performance.



This user-friendly application offers tailor-made strength, flexibility, and pain-relief routines, utilizing essential training equipment to enhance your mobility and refine movement patterns specifically for golf.




The GolfForever Swing Enhancer stands out as an unparalleled golf training tool, delivering exceptional effectiveness in honing your skills.

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